Playdates/class drop ins/extra hours

Spring Semester 2019

Playdates 2/9 9:00

                3/16 9:00

               5/18 9:00

Play dates are free and a chance for families to make up missed classes.  Families must RSVP for the class.

A kindermusik Playdate is  an interactive one time Class.  Designed to give families a flavor of Kindermusik with singing, instruments, story,  and Movement.  It means more music for families already enrolled or Music for families that cannot commit to a regular class or want to try a class out!  New Families receive a download card to purchase Free Kindermusik Music to enjoy all the time.  Big Kid Orff Class pairs stories with instruments, singing, body percussion, social interaction, poems, art, and fun.

Lunch and social provides a chance for free play, lunch, outside time, or large movement in the gym.

***All Saturday Classes are held at Concordia Lutheran  Church 2501 Woodland Avenue/Basement classroom right off playground and parking lot***