All kids are Special!  This section is devoted to children that do not learn in the traditional way or need support with their individual learning styles.  Sometimes we need to go outside of the box when it comes to supporting and teaching our children to help them reach their full potential.  This list will continually be updated and added to as Mrs. Cindy is always learning herself.

1. Amber Wing: 218-355-2100/
2.  Polinsky Pediatric Rehabilitation: 218-786-3550
3.  Scottish Rite Clinic: 218-720-3911/
4.  UMD Robert F. Pierce Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic:218-726-8199/
5.  St. Luke's Pediatric Rehabilitation Program: 218-249-5555/
6.  St. Louis County Public Health: 218-725-5210
7.  Arc Northland: 218-726-4725 /
8.  Human Development Center: 218-728-4491/
9.  St. Louis County Social Services:
10. LSS Crisis Nursery:218-302-6879

Parent tune ups

Early Childhood Screening is a health and developmental screening that is required by the State of Minnesota for all children before entering kindergarten. State law recommends that screening be completed during the year the child is three.   It includes immunization records review, height, and weight measurement, hearing and vision screening and standardized developmental screening of speech, language, concepts and motor skills and social/emotional development.  Results are summarized during a parent interview.  Early Childhood Screening identifies, at an early age, possible health or learning concerns, so that children can get help before starting school. Free screenings are offered throughout the school year by appointment.  Call 336-8816.

Parent Tune Ups with Tuned in with Cindy        

Providing resources and support to help make daily routines with your child run smoothly.  Areas of focus are behaviors, transitions, communication, developmental questions, and overall support for parents dealing with raising their child.  Tuning in to what is working currently and creating a plan to help with what needs fine tuning.  

About Me:  I am a 25 year Public School Veteran working with children and their families ages 0-7.  I have been focusing my work on behaviors, communication, play, and social skills.  I also have been a Kindermusik Educator for the last 11 years.  

The services I offer are not therapy, but support for parents facing typical parenting issues who are in need of new ideas, extra support, child development information and creative ways to handle and enjoy parenting.

E-mail /phone consult:  Caregiver can e-mail or call with questions and seek out resources and strategies for ideas and support with dealing with developmental questions and issues of social, communication,  and behaviors in their home or the community. ($50.00 e-mail packages of resources, ideas, and plans to implement)

Meeting outside of the home:  A meeting at a neutral site to discuss current concerns and develop ideas together on strategies that can be tried.   Follow-up phone calls or e-mails will be used to fine tune plan and check in as to how it is going with strategies that were implemented.   An interview via phone or e-mail would be done before the meeting to determine resources to bring before the meeting($75.00 package.  Each additional meeting would be $40.00 per meeting).

Meeting at your home:   A meeting where routine interactions between you and your child can be observed, questions answered, and a strategic plan created to support daily routines with your child.  For behaviors, discovering the function of the behavior, reinforcement systems, and intervention strategies.  Creating a home environment to support learning and communication.  E-mail and phone call support.  Home Visits include assessment, goal setting, goal implementation, and resources.
(Initial visit is $100.00 with subsequent visits of $40.00 per visit.  All e-mails and phone calls are part of the services offered as well as resources).

Books on Parenting:

1.  Parenting without Power Struggles by Susan Stiffelman
2.  How to Talk So Kids Will Listen & Listen So Kids Will Talk by By Adele Faber, Elaine Mazlish
3.  Mind in the Making:  The Seven Essential Life Skills every child needs by Ellen Galinsky
4.  The New Six-Point Plan to raising happy, healthy children by John Rosemond
5.  I love you rituals by Becky Bailey
6.  Positive Discipline:  The First Three Years from infant to toddlers: laying the foundation for  raising a capable confident child by Jane Nelson Ed.D, Cheryl Erwin, and Roslynn Ann Duffy




The Help Me Grow/Child Find Program is available free of charge to children starting at birth. If parents, caregivers, family members or physicians have any concern about any area of development for a child they can call the program. A developmental screen is then done by Duluth Public School staff. The screen looks at all areas of development to determine if a child is developing at age expectations. If the child is not, the school staff can help the parents or care givers determine how to best meet the child's needs. Services that are available if a child is eligible may include special instruction, speech, physical or occupational therapy, school social work and nurse time. This program is offered year round for children under the age of three. It can be provided in the home, child care setting or community setting.  Call 336-8744

2.  "Out of Sync Child" by Carol Kranowitz
3.  Your Child with Special Needs by Stanley Greenspan
4. Raising Your Spirited Child by Mary Sheedy Kurcinka