Lessons Spring Semester Subscriptions 2019 Jan-May
Spring Semester 2019 full payment

Ukulele students use Ukulele book 1 that I provide as well as games and seasonal songs

Guitar students use Mel Bay book 1 with games and seasonal activities I provide.

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please go to my new website for calendar and lesson notes.  Spring Semester 2019:
For Spring Semester:
Sunday lessons
Lessons would be
4/28 recital 3-5:00
Monday Lessons
1/7,14 ,21 (optional as schools are off)  28
4/1,15,22, 29
4/28 recital 3-5:00
Tuesday Lessons
2/5,12 19(This is Duluth day off but I am working that day),26
4/28 recital 3-5:00
Wednesday Lessons
4/3, 17 ,24
4/28 recital 3-5:00
5/1, 8, 15, 22
Thursday Lessons
4/4, 18,25
4/28 recital 3-5:00
5/2, 9 16, 23
This semester provides 18 lessons plus a recital or 19 sessions.  The price of lessons includes actual lesson time, prep, materials (games, copying,etc.)  Lessons can only be made up if time is open on the calendar.  If your child is unable to attend lessons due to illness,events, family vacation,etc.  a packet will be sent home of games and activities that were scheduled for the lesson.  Skype and Face time can be used if child is well enough for lesson but unable to attend because of cough, etc.  It would be done at the regular scheduled lesson time.   We will follow the Duluth Schools for closures but attempt to run if roads are cleared and families can make it.  If I am home and unable to drive an online could also be tried.  I wish that all lessons could be made up but at times was trying to make up 10 lessons  a week based on schedule changes from families and cannot do that while honoring my time.  My day off per week is Saturday.  The church allows us to use the space from 12-5 on Sundays but at times has events so we need to start at 1 which limits my make up availability.  Lesson costs will stay the same of $80 for individual half hour lesson, $60 for group lesson.  A discount of 20% is given for siblings that share a group  lesson.  I have been working hard at practice sheets for students, and games and will be ready to go for Spring Semester when we start again.
Individual lessons $80 per month or $400 for spring semester
Group lessons not sibling $60 per month per child or $300 per semester per child
Group lessons siblings share lesson $60 for one child and $48 for next child or $128 per month for both children
One lesson a month that is group and one that is individual is $140 per month
Do you want to have automatic recurring payments?  A subscription button has been set up if you would like it to be automatic each month.  Please know that payments should be made by the first of the month.  There is also a one time payment button as well.  All other invoices will come from mymusicstaff as have been in the past.  Lessons are set for the semester so families will know to provide payment if lesson falls after the first of the month.  
www.tunedinwithkids.com on the piano lessons tab an automatic button has been set up for monthly subscription Jan-May